Soul-aligned Web Design, Branding & Copywriting Crafting Hand-Rolled Virtual Sanctuaries Reflecting Your Essence

Welcome to Chris Drew Creative

Through soul-aligned website design and heart-led copywriting and branding packages, I meticulously craft virtual sanctuaries that authentically mirror your essence and attract your tribe.

With all the wonder of working online, I know many of us miss the days of the old internet. Back when hustle was a dirty word, and connection was the number one priority. Remember how we used to comment on each other's blogs? Those were fun times, and I formed countless deep friendships.

Join me in embracing a new era of intentional online presence, where every pixel conveys your truth.

Real online connection is still possible...

I still cherish working on the internet and connecting with people. After stepping away from the noise, where everyone follows the same formulaic funnels, I discovered heart-led connections and clients who resonated as my tribe. By prioritising authenticity, I found my voice.

I invite you to imagine your own online haven where authenticity and mindful connection flourish. What does that look like for you?

Hi, I'm Christine but I prefer Chris, just like my grandma calls me.

Based in my sunny sanctuary on the shores of KZN, South Africa, I've been crafting WordPress websites since the birth of my son 12 years ago. Rooted in motherhood and seeking a way to work from home, Chris Drew Creative's predecessor was born. Creating websites and raising babies has been my journey ever since (haha).

Now a mother of three wild unschoolers, I'm also a birth doula, a yoga teacher, and an Aware Parenting mentor in training. Enriched by this multi-passionate journey, I prioritize crafting digital sanctuaries that harmonize with your genuine essence.

Together, let us sculpt your online presence to echo the depths of your true self.

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Why choose Chris Drew Creative?

Selecting the right person to create your online home is a significant decision, and I understand the importance of finding the right fit.

With over a decade of crafting soul-aligned websites under my belt, I offer a unique blend of experience and genuine passion.

My approach isn't just about technical expertise – it's about creating a digital haven that resonates with your values and vision. By collaborating with me, you're choosing a guide who values authenticity and mindful connection, guiding you towards a virtual sanctuary that reflects your essence.

Let's embark on this transformation together, crafting a meaningful online presence that speaks your truth and resonates with your tribe.


Soul-Aligned Branding, Copywriting & Website Package

A custom brand, website and authentic done-for-you copy

Let's replace digital noise with heartfelt artistry and genuine connections. Ready to transform your online presence? Let's embark on this journey together.


Enchanted Website & Heart-led Copy Package

A custom WordPress website and authentic done-for-you copy.

Let your story unfold through captivating copy, and watch as your custom-designed virtual sanctuary takes shape and invites kindred spirits to connect. Ready to be enchanted?


Bespoke WordPress Website Design

A custom WordPress website from start to finish

A bespoke WordPress website, curated with care and tailored to your vision, inviting visitors to explore and connect. Together, let's craft a haven that beckons and resonates, inviting the world to witness and connect with your authentic self.